HP i3

Max Strength Scratch Remover EZ-3

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  • Features: 
  • Magic Scratch Remover with Carbopol
  • This is not a cover-up or filler, but a genuine solution for those annoying surface blemishes that spoil an otherwise beautiful finish 
  • Removes surface scratches, swirl marks and haze without painting or sanding 
  • Ideal for using on cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats...
  • No color to match, works on any color 
  • Safe on a variety of surfaces, paint, porcelain or even chrome

  • Direction for use: 
  • Begin with a dry and clean surface 
  • Test first on a small inconspicuous area 
  • Remove plastic wrap and apply a small amount of scratch remover onto area using a clean and soft cloth
  • Use direct and even pressure on scratch 
  • Let set for 30 seconds, wiping away excess product before it dries

  • Specifications: 
  • Dimensions: 18.5x4.5cm
  • Net weight: 113g