HP i3

4 in 1 Vegetable Spiral Cutter

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  • Features:
  • Turn vegetables into different sizes of curly vegetable 
  • Easily enjoy a healthy lifestyle 
  • Switchable blades 
  • Compact and portable
  • Safe material
  • Directions for use:
  • Wash before first use
  • Straight and firm vegetables around 30-50mm in diameter, such as beetroot, potatoes and carrots, work best in the spiral slicer, but you may wish to experiment
  • Cut a piece of vegetable with straight ends about 8cm long and push it end-first onto the spikes of the finger guard
  • Whilst holding the body of the spiral slicer firmly onto the worktop, use the finger guard to push the vegetable into the slicer whilst turning it clockwise past the blades
  • When the handle reaches as far as it will go, chop and include any remaining vegetable in your dish to avoid waste
  • Use the buttons 1 and 2 pressed: Thinner julienne cut
  • Button 2 pressed: Coarser julienne cut
  • No buttons pressed (press "reset"): Ribbon or spiralizer cut
  • Care instructions:
  • Dishwasher safe -top shelf only- but you may convenient to flush the blade area under running water to remove excess food debris, remove from dishwasher immediately after cycle and allow to dry naturally 
  • Warnings: 
  • The blades are extremely sharp and can cause injury, use and clean this tool with care and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Never use without the finger guard as protection for fingers from the blades
  • Use another utensil to free any food stuck in the blade area- Do not attempt to do this with your hand