• Oak Honey 900g


The blend of the nigella honey is considered one of the treatments that may be feasible in the recovery from liver diseases, as a study indicated that the nigella honey helps increase the antioxidants, which affects the inhibition of cancerous cells in the liver, and this result was reached by animal experiments where it is not yet known The extent of its actual impact on humans Benefits of Nigella sativa: * Used to treat rheumatism by making a cup of honey with warm water. * Treating asthma, where research indicated that taking black seed by mouth treats pulmonary functions, including coughing and asthma. Improves cholesterol level in patients. * Erectile tonic and infertile treatment, by increasing the number and speed of sperm transmission in infertile men. * Treating breast pain caused by the menstrual cycle in women by applying the oil of blessing seed to it.

Oak Honey 900g

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