Portable USB Vertical Bladeless Fan Small Air Conditioner Desk Fan Cooling Tower Fan For Home Office
1. Small appearance, easy to use, save space.
2. Strong wind, equivalent to three-row natural wind, two gears can be adjusted.
3. Quiet, low noise, healthy and comfortable.

Size: Height: 33cm / 12.99inches, Diameter of the structure: 10.5cm / 4.13inches, Top Diameter: 6cm / 2.36inches
Material: ABS Electronic Components
Style Type: High strength and low strength
Packaging: Kraft carton
Power: 2.5W
Current Rating: 0.5A
Rated Voltage: 5V
Color: White, Black

Blade Vertical USB Portable Air Cooler Fan Small Air Conditioner Office Cooling Tower Fan For Home Office Fan

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