HP i3


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  • Battery charger manual
  • Overheated protect
  • Short-circuited protect
  • Low-pressure protect
  • Reverse protection
  • Operating mode of three steps: Constant current mode/ Constant voltage mode/ Floating charge mode
  • Operating mode of four step charger:
  • Pre-charge/ constant current/ constant voltage/ Floating charge mode

  • Specification:

  • Input voltage: AC 180V-250V
  • Battery voltage: DC 12V


  • High voltage and dangerous inside the charger, please contact with the dealer or the manufacturer when the charger was broken.
  • Please put the charger in a good radiating environment when you use it, and prohibit using it in damp, high temperature, flammable and explosive environment
  • NOTE: there is a reverse connection protection function of the charger without connecting the battery, output no output voltage, when the output is connected with the battery through the trigger after the output