HP i3

Power Bank 6000mah External Battery Charger for All smartphones

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  • High capacity digital power bank
  • Easy to carry
  • High performance
  • Double functions of charger and backup battery
  • Use method:

    • Choose the corresponding voltage with digital products
    • Choose the corresponding adapter for digital products
    • Insert the selected adapter into the digital product you are using 
    • When the two discharges are not connected to the load, 20 seconds after the USB stop output
    • Light press the key to accurately display the battery power, non working state intelligent automatic shutdown 
    • In the discharge, 1A USB interface load is greater than 1A, USB interface load greater than 2. 1A, USB interface automatically stop output
    • Attentions:

      • Smart Please do not adjust the output voltage to higher than the equipment voltage, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment, please make sure to clear before use
      • Please use the appointed electric allpiance
      • Forbid short circuit, decompose and throw into fire
      • Pay attention to moisture proof and waterproof